Watching ice melt may sound kind of drab but in Nenana, Alaska, it's quite the opposite. Ever since the early 1900s when railroad workers would lay tracks directly on the ice of the Tanana river, knowing when the ice would melt has been a best estimate. So they built a mechanism consisting of a 28-foot tall tripod, some ropes and pulleys, half a fuel drum, a meat cleaver and a clock. And then they started making guesses on when that tripod would move 100 feet and trip the clock. A century later, this guessing game's become the closest thing Alaska has to a lottery and the biggest thing Nenana lays to claim. Having a population of around 400, Classic watches as nearly a quarter of the village's residents come together to make sure the 100th Nenana Ice Classic goes off without a hitch, or at least as few hitches as possible.
TIM KAMINSKI - Director, Producer
Tim has been an editor and producer on several documentary and narrative films. Born and raised in Alaska, he transplanted to Colorado and, by 2010, started working in film. In the ten years since, he's helped bring to screens: Being Evel (Sundance 2015), Rolling Papers (SXSW 2015), Chasing Coral (Sundance 2017), and many more. He returned to his home state for Classic, which is his feature documentary debut, to tell a story that didn't need the trappings of reality television to make Alaskans admirable.
ZACK ARMSTRONG - Cinematographer, Producer
Zack's work ranges from feature films to web spots, with commercial clients like Volcom and the State of Colorado. From the wilds of northern Alaska to the tip of South America, he’ll do anything (ask Zack about Moroccan jail) and go anywhere for a good story. Heck, he’ll shoot your wedding if you catch him in the right mood. His recent work can be seen in the legal weed film Rolling Papers on Netflix, and previous work is available on most major platforms, including Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and PBS. He is currently working on his feature length directorial documentary debut, Bunny Huggers.
Mitch is an award-winning producer and director, named a “Top 10 Documaker to watch” by Variety. He has produced and directed a number of films including: Casting JonBenet (Sundance 2017), Speaking is Difficult (Sundance 2016), Rolling Papers (SXSW 2015), Being Evel (Sundance 2015), and Hanna Ranch (NY Times Critics Pick 2014). He serves as board chair of Warm Cookies of the Revolution, Cine Fe, and sits on the University of Colorado College of Arts and Media advisory board.
After graduating CU Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Engineering, Dave has successfully spent his 20 years in the post-production world editing documentaries, narratives and commercial projects. His work has garnered him 6 Emmys and amassed festival awards from the likes of Sundance, The Starz Denver Film Festival, The St. Louis International Film Festival, Chamonix Adventure Festival, Taos Shortz Film Fest, Mountain Film Festival, Palm Beach International Film Festival, and Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival.
Mark is an Emmy-nominated composer and music producer. Most recently he’s composed music for the feature length documentary The Social Dilemma, premiering at Sundance 2020. Previously, his credits include additional music for the award-winning feature documentaries Chasing Coral (2017) and Chasing Ice (2012), and the multi-audience award-winning short documentary, The Love Bugs. His music and video work have also been included in programs featured on National Geographic California Academy of Science, Harvard Kennedy School, and Fast Company. He composes from a home studio, enjoys basking in the glorious outdoors, and works on projects he truly cares about with his wife and producing partner, Larissa Rhodes.
Peder is focused on applying advanced technique to media projects of all types and sizes.  From feature films & docs to reality television & commercials, Peder helps DPs, directors and producers achieve their vision through artistic, creative collaboration and deep technical knowledge. When he’s not pushing pixels, Peder enjoys creating abstract art, exploring niche musical genres, and chasing a small white ball around the golf course.
Jason is a Colorado based post production sound designer and mixer. His early years were spent traveling the country playing in rock and roll bands. His passion for music eventually led him to working in a recording studio where he fell in love with helping others find their sound. After recording and mixing countless records, his focus shifted to mixing for picture. Over the years, he built a diverse portfolio of clients and founded Electric Audio, Inc. in 2014.  Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on Oscar and Emmy award winning projects from clients around the globe.